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This course introduces the fundamental skills needed to create a portrait in clay. We will cover the practicalities of working with clay; the principles of proportion and anatomy plus looking at recreating the subtle forms of familiar features. 

Working from'museum inspired' portrait busts is a great way of begining portrait sculpture - just as sculptors used to do, to give you all the skills needed to progress to sculpting from life/photographs whilst also taking home a beautiful classical work for your mantlepiece. We have a selection to choose from or if you are an experienced sculptor and have a portrait in mind that you would like to create please see our 'Portrait from photographs' course.

The course is taught by Miranda, a professional figurative sculptor and trained tutor with over 20 years experience. We use air drying clay so you may take your portrait home at the end of the course. 

Each day runs from 10am - 4pm.




Introduction to portrait sculpture

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