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What participants have said about our courses recently

Andrew reviewed: Two day wood carving course at Chillington Hall

"Attended the two day wood carving course with my sister. We both thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the instruction to be excellent. Though we were total beginners we came away with carvings that we are really pleased with. Would highly recommend this course to all."

Wood carving at Chillington Hall - October 2022

Brian Jardine reviewed: Two day wood carving course at Chillington Hall

"Great course in a lovely venue. I took part in the one day woodcarving course. Managed to create a piece of work that I am pleased with but I wished I had booked the 2-day course. Great workshop with excellent teacher. Can recommend to anyone who enjoys working with wood."

Wood carving at Middleton Hall - October 2022

Andrew Potts reviewed: Two day wood carving course at Middleton Hall

"Fantastic way to spend a weekend. Really professional tutoring and advice. Great sense of achievement to complete a carving that will last and be appreciated forever. Definitely recommended."

Stone carving at Middleton Hall - October 2022

Vikki reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Middleton Hall

"Middleton Hall is a lovely location to do this 2 day stone carving course and the weather enabled us to be outside for both days (8-9th Oct). Miranda the tutor is excellent and provides 121 guidance and encouragement. It was a great experience, you knew you’d spent 2 days carving and I was really pleased with my efforts. "

Clay sculpture course at Chillington Hall - September 2022

Gill B reviewed: Green Man clay sculpture course

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Miranda has a great eye for perspectives and gave some really helpful tips and guidance. I will definitely be considering future courses with her. "

Wood carving at Snowshill Manor - September 2022

Carolyn reviewed: Two day wood carving course at Snowshill Manor

"The nicest weekend I've had in a long time! I'd recommend it to anyone."

Stone  carving at Snowshill Manor - September 2022

Anne Springett reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Snowshill Manor

"Great location with excellent teacher who gave everyone individual assistance. Struggled a bit on first day but was happy enough with the end result. An enjoyable experience."

Stone carving at Snowshill Manor - September 2022

Catherine Wickens reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Snowshill Manor

"A friend and I had a lovely time on the stone carving course at Snowshill Manor. Expert tuition from Miranda , beautiful location in an Apple orchard and a happy outcome as I was delighted with my finished owl statue with its kind ,wise face ."

Portrait sculpture at Chillington Hall - August 2022

Helen Kirk reviewed: Two day introduction to portrait sculpture course at Chillington Hall

"This was a fantastic experience. Miranda guided us just the right amount to allow us to challenge ourselves as well as teaching us a variety of techniques and giving us access to individual support throughout. I have never done anything like this before and it has whetted my appetite to try it again in the future."

Stone carving at Chillington Hall - August 2022

Chris Little reviewed: Three-day stone carving course

"Miranda is a wonderful teacher who differentiates well to match her teaching to each students needs. I will probably book another of her courses. "

Stone carving at Chillington Hall - August 2022

Sharon reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Chillington Hall"

My second course with Miranda and it was brilliant. A great teacher, so patient and I was really pleased with my finished piece. Miranda also welcomed my 15 year old neice who had a fantastic time on her first sculpture course. Many thanks. Highly recommended!"

Stone  carving at Snowshill Manor - May 2022

Beryl reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Snowshill Manor

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience in a lovely setting, at Snowshill. Instruction was clear and supportive throughout. A really great way to spend a weekend learning and appreciating the art of stone carving. Thank you"

Stone  carving at Snowshill Manor - May 2022

Catharine Fleming reviewed: Two day stone carving course at Snowshill Manor

"Will never look at stone carvings in museums and cathedrals the same way again! Spent two lovely days with Miranda teaching in Snowshill Manor's orchard, learning the skills required to pull something interesting out of a block of limestone. Instruction was expert and focused, and it was fun to learn a new way to be creative."

Wood carving at Snowshill Manor - May 2022

Hi Geraint


just to say how much I enjoyed the course at the weekend. Everything about it was great and i love my fish!


best wishes


Rob Mackay

stone carving at Snowshill Manor - May 2022

Dear Miranda,


Thank you so much for a great stone carving course this weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were pleased as punch with what we made! 


Kind regards


Julie and Mike

Wood carving at Wightwick Manor May 2022

Thank you for a splendid and inspiring weekend and the company of nice people all starting a new hobby. Thanks for the  photos 

Ellen and Mike

Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring course. I enjoyed it so much.


Thank you both!

Fab weekend.

Loved it.

Mike Fox

Thanks for this, really enjoyed the weekend, got home and have bought some Pfeil gouges and chisels and a couple of carving blanks.

Got me hooked.

Thanks again.


Wood carving course at Wightwick Manor

I found the two day Carving course an excellent introduction to a potential hobby. The tutors and pace were just what I needed

Sebastian Barnes

Stone carving at Wightwick Manor May 2022

Hi Miranda and Geraint,

Thank you so much for a lovely weekend and your guidance. I love my fox. Hopefully see you at another course. 

Kind regards


Hi both,

 Many thanks for the photographs and the weekend. Special thanks to Miranda for your teachings and patience, I’d love to do more carving when I get the chance!

 Best wishes,


Wood and Stone carving Little Moreton Hall, April 2022

Wood carving course at Little Moreton Hall

This was pitched at just the right level, assistance when needed but also able to get on without interruption in between. Venue was lovely too!


Introduction to stone carving at Little Moreton Hall

Excellent standard over 2 days- highly recommended


"I was actually on the wood carving course; we worked along side the stone carvers. It was a superb experience and well worth the tuition fee. We learnt such a lot and created some fantastic pieces. Thank you so much!"


"I’ve just come back from the woodworking course. It was a great experience and I was very happy with what I produced. The tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful and I look forward to attempting a few of my own pieces. The location was also great, thanks very much."


Wood and Stone carving at Middleton Hall April 2022

This was a really enjoyable way to spend a weekend. The tasks are well-judged to be doable in the time, but still somewhat challenging, so you have a sense of achievement at the end, and well-structured so that by the time you get to the trickier bits, you have developed some skill with the tools.

LIz Garnett

"Thoroughly enjoyed this 2 day course, it was set at a great pace which worked for both the novice and those with a little woodworking experience."

Su Hampton

"This course was a Christmas present for a friend who has always wanted to work with stone. He absolutely loved the 2 day course that was in a beautiful setting. Luckily the weather was good so he could work outside. He did say it was hard work but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I benefitted from his hard work and was given the beautiful piece of art."


"A well run course with expert tutor. Miranda was really supportive and encouraging and wanted everyone to get the best out of their respective sculptures. The bonus was lovely weather and working outside in a lovely setting."


"Very good two day course; value for money. Learnt a great deal and feel confident to continue wood carving. Garaint, our instructor, was very helpful and provided excellent direction on the use of the different tools to create a carving. It is held in the open air so there's a need to be prepared for the weather; cold wind or sun. It would be helpful if a fact sheet could be provided for those wishing to take up carving. 10/10. Would recommend anyone give this a go."


Clay sculpture at Chillington Hall March 2022

"I had the best time and would love to continue on a regular basis so will be booking again. If you're never done clay modeling before you will be learning in a tranquil environment and Miranda is a calm and intuitive tutor. I found this course excellent for all levels due to the tutorial guidance. Thoroughly enjoyed!"


"Went to the green man class. Everything is provided. Very clear instructions. Inspirational day. Loved the way we all achieved our own individual results. Very clear instructions and support. Felt in good hands. You may need an apron and warm clothing. Tea and coffee available but bring your own lunch. You will come away feeling a great sense of achievement."


"Fab day, helped further by the weather so that we could be outside in the sunshine under gazebos. Miranda came round with helpful hints and I think we all produced something to be proud of. I had time to do another small sculpture as well. I do hope that they survive the firing process, I was so pleased with them!"


"Hi I attended the clay course yesterday and was so pleased with how the day went. It was a treat to be outside on a lovely sunny day and Miranda was an excellent tutor. She finds a good balance between being instructive but also giving you the freedom to go at your own pace and with your own style. She was very generous with the clay and her tools and for making suggestions as to how best to use the clay and which tools to use when for best effect. She was very relaxed and there was no pressure but she kept good time keeping in encouraging us onto the next stage bearing in mind there was a lot to do in the day. Perhaps on a longer course it would be good to learn about different techniques for creating animals and the different ways that clay can react to kiln firing."


Wood carving at Chillington Hall March 2022

"This was an excellent two day course with a very experienced and patient tutor - I learned a lot and came away with a finished piece that came out pretty well! Definitely recommended! Bring a hat/sunscreen if the weather's good, working outside is lovely but even in March was a bit hot."


"I didn't have any experience of carving and received a place on this course as a gift. I really enjoyed the course, and the instructor was very good. My husband was very impressed by my carving of a Hare."

Julie Keyser

"As a total beginner I found Geraint was very patient, and gave very clear guidance about how to approach what we were doing, one step at a time. We had a choice of projects, but it was clear that he had selected ideas that would be achievable over the two days so we all came away with a finished item. It was very enjoyable."

Cathy B

"This was my first time of woodcarving after a little bit as a youngster. Geraint gave a very good introduction and had carefully selected projects that were doable. The tools available were phantastic and his support made it possible for me to get a project done much better than I thought I could. The venue was excellent with a really nice athmospheric room with a beautiful view and courtyard for lunch. Nice company too. Excellent value for money. I wish Geraint would offer regular workshops to move on with his support. The only negative side is that I probably will spend a fortune on new toys to play with. Throughly recommend this, even if you think you have no talent for this sort of thing. Give it a go."

Joerg Niehoegen

"Fantastic day. Geraint was very friendly, informative and encouraging! Great value for money! Skills and techniques learnt to now have a go myself! On the look out for some chisels etc! New hobby created !"


"I am not at all arty or crafty so I both looked forward to and dreaded the course. Geraint is a fabulous teacher and is determined to get you to leave with your own completed work, having learnt about wood, tools, and carving techniques. The atmosphere in the room was superbe with a sense of hard work and accomplishment. A very enjoyable and memorable 2 days! Thank you."

Aline Shand

Stone carving at Chillington Hall February 2022

Hi Miranda (and Geraint )

Thank you so much for a wonderful course . 

We both loved it and are really pleased with what we produced in the time . 

Thank you for your advice , patience and for  making the experience relaxed and so enjoyable. 

We will definitely have a go at more stone carving and will let others know about the course. 

And thanks for the information on the tools - Peter has already ordered some ! 

Kim and Peter 

Wood carving at Middleton Hall October 2021

Liz Garnett 

This was a really enjoyable way to spend a weekend. The tasks are well-judged to be doable in the time, but still somewhat challenging, so you have a sense of achievement at the end, and well-structured so that by the time you get to the trickier bits, you have developed some skill with the tools.

Stone carving MIddleton Hall August 2021

john leahy-

Thank you for a most informative and enjoyable couple of days, I am delighted with the carving  ( small dragon from the book of Kells) as are all my friends who have seen it!

Stone carving course Chillington Hall April 2021

Susanne Mooney - 


Absolutely brilliant!!! Loved it all. Learning traditional skills and techniques, lovely tutor, and fabulous surroundings to work in. Support when you needed it but also freedom to experience the materials and work with the tools. Brilliant two day course ..!!

Wood carving course Chillington Hall April 2021


Bernard Wheeler - 


This was an excellent course held in a lovely setting with a superb teacher, Geraint. He described all the factors you need to know, checked on progress at the right times, gave help and advice when asked, and all with a warm and friendly manner. If you fancy giving this a go, no matter what your experience or expectations, I can highly recommend it. This was a gift to me by my lovely wife, and it ranks right up there!

Bev - 


Learnt new skills and conducted at a pace which gives you time and confidence to tackle the carving .
Tutor was excellent , location beautiful - very enjoyable weekend

 Justin Taylor - 


Not being the most arty or crafty person, I approached this course with some trepidation. I am so pleased with what I created.
The tutors were knowledgeable, kind and patient.
The venue was in keeping with the course and both peaceful and relaxing.
An excellent course, well worth the money.

Portrait course Chillington Hall 2021

James Stead -

An excellent workshop for any level of student. There are numerous tips to pick up, not just the tools and processes involved in sculpting. Having a tutor like Miranda helped to point out lots of insightful observations of the structure of the face and the small differences in form, which describe an individual face. I have come away knowing a lot more about the contours of the face and also the facial areas I have to work on in the future.
Miranda was very supportive and flexible in her approach to everyone. Her comments were always instructive and never critical, welcoming different working styles.
The sculpting room was comfortable and produced a lovely working and relaxed atmosphere between everyone.

Margaret P -

This course appealed to me as I wanted to learn how to sculpt a face so I can apply the techniques to cake making. I have learnt how to use clay (which I was a complete novice to), use of tools, how to look for lines to help build the model, the importance of muscles in getting the correct shapes and many more techniques. Miranda Wakeman is a brilliant tutor who instructs you through every stage and pointing out areas that need 'tweeking' so you come away with a life size facial sculpture. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days at this site.

Joan -

Miranda who teaches the class is a fantastic tutor with lots of patience!
The class is mixed ability and attended by regulars and new faces each time; the atmosphere is friendly and everyone is supportive and encouraging.


Miranda took an effective step by step approach for those of us with little or no experience. Likewise, those with far greater experience were given minimal but timely intervention if it was required and additional little tips to take things to a higher level.  I really enjoyed all three days and ended up with a special piece of artwork.

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