Life Sculpture

Weekly life sculpture class - Tuesday 9.30am - 12.30pm

5th Nov - 12 Dec: 'tableau' 3 standing models 

Short one day/two day courses

    -'Introduction to life sculpture 26th January 2020

 This one day course introduces the fundamental considerations and techniques required to successfully sculpt a figure from life.  The course begins with a short clay 'sketch' focusing on proportion and gesture, followed by a pose to practice 'seeing shape and form'.  A longer study in the afternoon combines the techniques acquired to create a life-like sculpted model which can be taken home or left to be fired and collected later. Suitable for beginners, materials included.

    - Portrait sculpture 11th February 2020

This one day courses introduces the key aspects of sculpting a portrait from life giving you the basic skills needed to create a portrait in clay.  We will cover the practicalities of working with clay, the principles of proportion and anatomy plus the fundamental skills of transferring what you see into clay using a variety of techniques.

    - Portrait sculpture 18th/19th April 2020

This two day course covers the skills above plus time to concentrate on details and surface forms creating a more 'finished' sculpture.

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